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ATTENTION: This Revolutionary Robot Is Only For Traders Who Want To Siphon Off Serious Forex Cash With Zero Effort. If You Want Overhyped Nonsense, This Isn't What You Need.

The Battle Is On. The Super Intelligent Forex Transformer Robot Is Out There Fighting Unknown Forces And Factors To Try And Bring Us Earthlings, Greater Profits From The Forex Galaxy.

I'm Happy To Announce Mission Forex Is And Always Will Be A Complete Success. Look at TheseAstronomical Profits.

This - live - screen shot shows you how ''Forex Transformer'' EA made 19,000$ from one trade. it was achieved in 1 day and the exact profit for it was 19,248,85 $ - balance was 160,159,42 $ and become 179,408,27 $. it was made with a fixed stoploss and targets. the stoploss and targets were automatically generated by the EA and the trade was made on 100% autopilot mode.

This Is Real Cash, Not Demo Hype.



Do you want to be a very successfull Forex trader, but do not have the time?

Do you want to be successfull and very RICH?

Have you ever had your fingers burnt on the Forex market?

What if I said you can accomplish all your dreams and become a very WEALTHY person from Forex trading with a system I am virtually giving away, would you be interested?

Now what if I said you can set this system up to run by itself in 15 minutes, with no intervention needed and still achieve everything you want while you do something else like sleep. Would you like that? Good.

Take the time to read every word of this letter and in a short time you will realise the power and significance of what I am saying and how I can help you to become richer than you have ever imagined.

My name is Paul Liburd, some of you might recognize me as the author of the best selling manual trading system Forex Raid.

I am a reputable Forex Trader with nearly 10 years of trading experience as you may already know, but that is enough about me. This is about how you can transform your life...

I am here to tell and show you what the Forex Transformer robot (EMMA) can do for you, your Forex trades and more importantly your bank balance $$$.

Who on earth is EMMA do I hear you ask? EMMA (Expert Money Management Analyzer) is the name of our Forex Transformer Robot and is the brainchild of myself and Andreas, more about him later.

Built with the most complex Forex trading tools and software our EA is a force to be reckoned with and leaves 99% of the other Forex Trading robots out there obsolete and worthless.

After using Forex Transformer you would be excused for thinking your previous Forex Robots hadmalfunctioned or self-destructed...

Forex Transformer has been designed using the latest cutting edge in Artificial Inteligence Technology and it's sole aim, is to make users Huge Profits via Forex Market trading.

Still Unconvinced?

The results above are made by higher risk settings.

I mean I am talking the ability to make money online with your computer while you are physically not online.

Yes.. you can also make these crazy kind of profits while you are at the gym, in your bed, at work, doing the housework or even while your on holiday.

Forex Transformer is a fully automated trading system that runs completely on autopilot.

This is the closest your going to get to receiving money for nothing I assure you.



  • Works great with default settings. the user doesn't have to change anything or edit anything, just copy/paste and it's all done.
  • The EA works with all currency pairs. on Daily chart. best results generated by using EUR/USD but working on all curring pairs.
  • Built-in money management rules. the user doesn't have to worry about it or set it manually each time they run the EA.
  • Tested and proven to be very profitable with minimum risk possible in all market conditions.
  • Brokers friendly! .. that means, honest brokers would not fight it or play - dirty tricks - to stop it. because it's not a scalping system.
  • The user would not spend most of his time looking for a broker that would accept the EA.
  • Designed to profit from both down trending and up trending markets, even when there is no clear direction! ..
  • You don't have to stop the EA from working at anytime. run it .. and forget it..


Your Forex trades will never be the same again as this software transforms your finances, your life and your Forex trades into something beyond your wildest dreams.

The technology installed in this robot is mind boggling...

The Forex market does not have to be the enemy as you know it. This Expert Advisor will embrace the challenges thrown at it and will turn your potential losses into financial rewards.

Just carry on and take in all the information on this page, If you dont know a good thing when it bites you on the butt then you shouldnt be reading this and should return to throwing your money away.

In fact if you have money to throw away on mediocre robots, and would rather not see how I canstop you losing money I suggest you start giving it to a worthy charity.

I'm about to show you how I can give you the chance boost your Forex trading, and increase your bank balance immensely RISK-FREE.


LOOK: $34,563 PROFIT In only 35 Days With A Starting Capital Of $10,000.

Account balance after 30 days of using the Transformer EA, default settings ( lot size : 1 ) and active money management control .


This Is What Forex Transformer Is About.


Forex Transformer Can Return a $19,000 Profit In Only 1 day of Trading.

96.2% Of All Forex Transformer Trades Are Winning Trades.

Uses Maximum Money Management Rules To Ensure Reliability Of Those Profitable Trades.

Easy To Install In Minutes And runs 100% On Autopilot Without Any Intervention.

Equiped With Sophistacted Advanced Artificial Intelligence, That Can Predict Market Movement.

Over The Space Of Just 8 Short Months It Transformed $10,000 into Over $300,000

Works In All Market Conditions, 24 Hours A Day So That You Never Miss A Winning Trade Again.

Unbeatable EA With High Profit Returns, Leaving Pretenders Quaking In Their Boots.

Our Pledge To You!


Designed To Take Away Human Error And Our Main Weakness... FEAR!

I had been on a Forex trading rollercoaster ever since I quit my day job up until 5 years ago, which had taken me from the depths of despair, to the astronomical heights and wealth I am at now.

It was emotional, oh boy was it emotional just ask my partner she's witness to that.

In fact my trading account represented the movement of a roller coaster, up down up down.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I only managed to find success when I decided to get off the rollercoaster and decide for myself which direction I wanted to go without the rollercoaster deciding my destiny.

I decided not to follow others people's advice especially those of the forex brokers (for whom it is in their best interests to see you losing money may I add) and to use all my previous career's experience of the financial markets.

I combined that with my experience of riding the rollercoaster to form my own trading strategies, which brought me untold success.

I had only ever previously used my own manual trading systems to become so successful and richvia Forex trading and I stayed away from automated “robotic” systems, until now…


Forex Transformer Does All The Hard Work, Leaving You With Nothing To Do But Watch The Profits Pour In.







3 years ago I got chatting online in a Forex traders internet forum, that I occasionally start topics in.

The title of my topic was “manual trading systems V's robotic trading systems” and there were some very interesting replies I can tell you.

There was a reply straight to my Email inbox that particularly got my interest titled, “why robotic systems will always be superior”.

This was from an expert robotic software programmer from Germany called Andreas Schneider.

Man this guy is a total Forex fanatic and loves programming robots for his own personal use and we got chatting regularly, swapping Forex trading strategies and ideas.

He shown me his latest robot and boy was I impressed. This was a total money maker with the potential to make hundreds of thousand of dollars over the next few years.

There was one problem though... I knew through my excellence on Forex trading that the robot was missing a major point of forex trading that had made me very wealthy to this very day.

I didn't see any reason why we couldn't make an EA capable of earning over $1million in a few years instead of hundreds of thousands.

After several conferences we decided we had to take action urgently.

Combining my natural intelligence with advanced artificial intelligence, we managed to create an absolute 100% money making android capable of 96.2% winning trades.

It was high fives all round, beacuse we were amazed at the accuracy of predicting market movement that Forex Transformer was capable of.


The Birth Of EMMA...


I introduced strict money management rules into the coding of the software for the Expert Adisor to avoid losses, hence the naming of the transformer as EMMA (expert money management analyzer).

In total we invested close to $35,000 in the development of this software, to ensure it was spot on and performed to our exact requirements.

After 1 month of demo testing we knew the EA was the dogs b*****ks, and decided to trade real cash and have done for over 2 years. We have not looked back since.

The EA is programmed to know precisely when to enter and exit trades.

Look at these Optimus Prime like profits Forex Transformer constantly and consistently pulls of Forex Trading.




Forex Transformer is an Expert Advisor robot and that is what it does advises expertly, except it not only decides the winning trades to take it, also executes them for you 24 hours a day.

There are no ifs and buts with the Forex Transformer EA, it makes serious money.

Whether you are new to Forex trading or not the EA comes with step by step easy to use instructions and you can not fail to make money with Forex Transformer.

I have inputted my 10 years of Forex trading experience alongside Andreas's 13 years of Forex experience to put together Forex Transformer.

To be honest neither of us could have done it without the other, because it was through the combined effort Forex Transformer was created.

99% Forex Robots on the market fail because of 2 major reasons.

The first is down to poor design and lack of forex experience, meaning these sub-contracted Robots are designed by outside sources with the sole intention of making money from people like you.

The second and most important to me is poor money management rules, because an EA with poor money management built inside will ALWAYS fail in the long run.

This is where EMMA propsers and the reason why it will always out-perform 99% of the other EA's out there, due to the complex money management rules coded into the software.

Forex Transformer is unique in the success EMMA has with Forex trading and that is why we are so confident that you will enjoy all the benefits you will get from the EA.

From the killer profits you will surely receive to the free constant support you are entitled to as a valued member.

The industry has been shaken up by Forex Transformer as it continues to transform starting capital into high profiting investments, effortlessly and handsfree.

There have been many questions on the legality of EMMA the Forex Transformer, because many people think it is too good to be true.

Unfortuanetly for all you Forex Brokers out there EMMA is 100% legal and is capable of much more than we are suggesting in the right circumstancses.

Q. Will Forex Transformer Eventually Become Out-dated?

A. No, when we say advanced artificial intelligence we mean it, and EMMA is constantly scanning it's changing environment and adapts itself accordingly.




Forex Transformer does exactly what it is programmed to do and is a very reliable tool for Forex trading.

Andreas has proved to me that the right Forex Robot equipped with the correct coding as is Forex Transformer, can be just as effective if not even better than manual trading systems.

Forex Transformer is a must have trading software and if you are serious about making moneyfrom the Forex market and gettin the best out of your trades, then you need look no further.

EMMA will boost your bank balance there is no doubt about that, aswell as give you the necessary confidence to want to earn money via Forex trading.

A great feature of Forex Transformer is that it can be equally successful on a micro account or a standard account, so you dont need a fortune to invest to make money.

Starting capitals can be as low as $100 and you can still be financially rewarded with the benefits of EMMA.

I am so sure you will be praising me for Forex Transformer than I am also throwing in a risk-free 60 day trial period.

Forex Transformer has surpassed the expectations of everybody we have asked to pilot it for us, from experienced Forex Traders to inexperienced novices alike.

You have heard a lot from me, how about you hear what others are saying about the sensational Forex Transformer.



"Totally amazing, I didn't know things like this existed..."

I have always heard about Forex trading but never had the guts to venture into it, until Paul gave me this pilot run of his robot. I am a complete novice and decided to "set it and forget it" while on a weekend trip with my family and came back to a $2180 profit. Wow need I say more...

Robert Ward Jr, Kansas USA



"I felt like I was committing a crime..."

I once got 768 pips profit in under 2 days. I cant even get this in two months of my regular job. Where do i sign up for this thing, and is this really legal haha.

Jeff Whitley, Melbourne Australia



"$13620 in 17 days..."

I have used loads of robots before but nothing quite like Forex Transformer. It's the money management rules and the amount of trades it makes on its own initiative is what seperates this from the other EA's I have used. I am in no way a Forex novice but I've got to admit this rocks, and I can wait to see the results after a year.

Rashida Singh, Birmingham United Kingdom






Forex Transformer is based on a very complicated trading system, especially designed for auto trading. it's not a day trading system and it's not a scalping system .. but the best of both!

1 Hour or 30 minutes charts are slow and involve higher risk and scalping systems are not trading systems at all, but more like hit and run with very little profits and very large stoploss.

Forex Transformer gets the best of both systems without risking too much or too little or waiting too long to see profitable results.


The EA transformed $10,000 to $30,706 in only 28 DAYS using default settings and maximum money management rules. on EUR/USD pair - 1 hour chart.



 FACT: Forex Transformer can make you rich.

 FACT: Forex Transformer Has the best money management rules installed.

 FACT: Forex Transformer is capable of a single 1 day $19,000 PROFIT trade.

 FACT: 99% of robots out there will lose you money.

 FACT: You will be 100% satisfied with the performance of this robot.




Let the results decide for themselves, because you can't fail to be happy with this software and that is my word to you.

Forex Trading is a results business and Forex Transformer gives you excellent results in an abundance alright.

This software works best when left to it's own devices and will definetly improve your Forex trades, all I ask is you give it time to prove itself if you want to truly reap the benefits from it.

Our stats and trading accounts demonstrate that over a period of time Forex Transormer just gets better and better.

You don't have to be a Forex genius to use this system, even a total newbie could set it up easily with the instructions and go on to profit immensely.

Andreas and myself debated for a long time if we should make this software available to the general public, but after a while we decided we were too big-headed to keep this for ourselves.

Yes thats right, we wanted the whole world to know what we had achieved and decided to wake the whole forex world up to Total Forex Trading.

Andreas is a very private person and has never ever released or published any of his work before as he likes to get rich on the quiet.

Myself as I'm sure most of you already know, am all for helping others to get rich in this game, because there is $3 trillion dollar traded daily on Forex market and there is loads to go round.

I know from experience it is a hard game to get a decent foot in and you are more than capable of being financially ruined, but this is where Forex Transformer steps in to help make you wealthy.

If only I discovered this software 10 years ago, I would own a small Caribbean Island by now.

Forex Transformer is almost human like in its ability to think and process the information it receives.

It is the equivalent to all the top 50 Forex Traders in the world getting together and trading 24 hours a day, oh yea and throw in a clairvoyant too then you have Forex Transformer.

All I can do is give you this golden chance to get rich and succeed, but it is up to you to take it.

In a nutshell I can take you to the watering hole when you are thirsty... but I can't make you drink.





Don't worry we know where all you sceptics are coming from... those of you that have spent hundreds of dollars if not thousands on worthless Forex robots, that have done nothing but lose you money.

Hey I bet you thinking why should I believe these guys?

I will tell you why right now.

Forex Transformer has been proven to work in every market condition and will always sustain long term profitability.

The figures and proofs you have seen are no gimmicks. These are real cash trading accounts and we would not be willing to trash our names with B.S robots.

This is the same software I use day in and day out with my Forex trades.

This system has made me an unbelievable amount of money and has culled any concerns I had about my long term financial future.

Forex Transformer can and will transform you life, there is no doubt about that.

The truth is in the pudding as I so often say, and Forex Transformer is the Chocolate fudge cake of puddings.

Your only concerns after purchasing Forex Transformer will be how to spend and where to invest your huge profits you are sure to get from this amazing software.

Is this too good to be true?...

The answer is hell no. Forex Transformer is real just like our lives it has transformed.

If you love money like I love money then you better get a move on before your too late.

You can procastinate all you want, but procastination don't pay no bills in my household so what are you waiting for?

Grab your chance before we disappear into the horizon and take EMMA with us.

Although I do like to help others who are in the same situations as I used to be and have rode the same rollercoasters as me, I will not force you to change your life.

All I can do is provide you the opportunity and you use it as you see fit.

However considering you have read so much up to now, I can tell I'm dealing with a person who is sick of false promises and finally wants to take the bull by the horns and make big bucks.

I can also tell that you realise that Forex Transformer is the real deal and WILL put you on the right path to achieve all your dreams.

Who knows, 10 years from now you might own your very own Caribbean island right next to me.




No where near as high as the price of failure I can assure you of that.

Considering the mouth watering capabilities of Forex Transformer, I think you can guess that its going to come at a price, so where do we start.

Well considering that our EA has done $19,000 dollar single trades ALL PROFIT, and has transformed $10,000 capital into over $300,000 in 8 months.

I think it would be fair to say it is priceless.

I mean you have seen the undisputable proof, you have heard from others what it can do, and now the only question remains is how much do you want it?

There is no other robot out there that possesses the same money management rules that EMMA has or is capable of the same profit making abilities either.

If you have already bought Forex robots previously then you would know this, or you would not be here right now.

Lets face it there is a lot of trash out there plain and simple.

I have seen seminars that have cost $10,000 per head to teach you how to earn less money than Forex Transformer can.

So I'm wondering is that a fair price to pay considering you can make up to $300,000+ with an initial $10,000 investment in less than a year, hmmm...

Which actually wouldnt be that bad a price when you look at it that way.

With stats proving that Forex Transformer only gets better and better the longer it runs, I think it wouldn't be very long before you was a millionaire yourself.

Not willing to price the Forex novices out of the market, who would be less reluctant to try this out I decided to make it a tenth of the price.



Thats right $997 without a recurring monthly charge.

Am I going insane? I often question myself.

Have I let my wealth cloud my judgement? I think not. I want everybody to know that Forex trading is not such a taboo subject as they may think.

Sure you can lose money with bogus robots, but Forex Transformer (EMMA) is far from bogus and is a seriour contender for the EA of the decade award (if they had one).

I am a wealthy man through Forex trading, and I have no qualms with making this software readily available to some, because no matter how many users there are it can't be stopped.

In addition to being wealthy I am also not a greedy man (unlike some) and that is why im going to slash the price again to a quarter of the original cost, YES A QUARTER so that would make it $247.

Is there anything else I can do now to help you, other than to transfer my bank balance to yours.

Not only are you getting a great product but it is also risk free for 60 days, meaning? It is impossible for this to be a wrong decision for you.

I want everyone to be able to propser with EMMA regardless of their economic situation and this is why I'm going to add something else...

I have decided to make only 500 copies available and for the first 250 users ONLY, I will make it available for a pitiful $97 but you must act now or miss out.

We are serious about this and this is not a hoax. We will defiently be putting the price back up to $247 after our numbers have been reached and when all 500 copies have gone it will be removed forever.

So let us sumarise this, if you act fast you can receive this jaw dropping EA for:

  • NOT $10,000
  • NOT $997
  • NOT EVEN $247




No I'm not going mad my friend and I wont be transferring my bank account to yours or writing you into my will unfortunately for you, but this is what I've decided to do.

The main reason being is that Forex Transformer wasn't created for commercial purposes. Andreas and myself only brought this robot to life for our own personal use and to improve our PROFITS.

Well we certainly acheived this and a hell of alot more, so now we are in a position to help 500 lucky people who were just like us when we started out.

At the same time our heads will swell when the testimonials come pouring in.

We are so sure you will be satisfied with this robot that we offer your our own, in addition with clickbank's 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Considering you can get a demo account for free to try it out if you are unsure and with the guarantee we are offering, means effectively you will find out how rich you can become with no financial outlay.

All we ask is that near the guarantee end period if you are still not happy send us your screen shots for a hassle-free refund.

If at any time during this period you are also unhappy please feel free to take advantage of the free support we offer as 9 times out of 10 we will be able to help you out.

So what are you waiting for? this is your time to get rich.

This time tomorrow you could already have banked a sizeable profit with Forex Transformer.

Make sure you are among the first 250 people to get it now for $100 before the price creeps back up to $247, or before even worse... it gets discontinued!




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Everything described and shown above is yours for just the low one-time investment of only $100.00!

Act now before prices rise to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity at a special launch price of $100.00

You will never be billed again and you will enjoy a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the ForexTransformer system.

Just click the "order now" button below to take advantage of Our exclusive launch pricing and Get Immediate lifetime Access To The ForexTransformer System, Free Bonuses, and Live Customer Support


100$ One Times Payment License

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The demand will be high for Forex Transformer so get your foot in the door while you still can now.

For all you know you could refresh this page and your chance to become a wealthy person could've vanished just like that.

It's no skin of my nose to take this page offline and discontinue the software believe me, as I makeheaps of money through Forex trading.

I mean if you are too bone idle to pass up on such an excellent opportunity to earn more moneythan you ever could've imagined with no risk what so ever.

Well frankly you deserve nothing and should keep your seat on the Forex rollercoaster because you are sure in for a rough ride my friend.

Hey, maybe you might strike lucky and a colleague, family member or a good friend with great insight, could've managed to secure their own copy of Forex Transformer and might share their wealth with you...

But I wouldn't hold my breath.

I've shown you the proof that Forex Transformer can bring you untold wealth, I've taken all the risks out of your hands and offered a you full refund policy for peace of mind.

The only thing I have to say now to all you smart Forex traders out there is...



I genuinely wish you good luck on your Forex transformation,


Paul Liburd

P.S. For not even the price of a decent coat you can secure your financial future and not only yours but your loved ones too. It really is a no brainer my friend and considering there is no risk whatsoever involved you really have nothing to lose. $100 for the chance to break free from your employers vice like grip, is an amazing value.

P.P.S. Give it a try or you will be forever wishing what if? what ifs are for losers, dont procastinate or you may be too late. If you are interested to know if what I'm saying is true then there is no better way than to purchase the EA risk-free, plug it in, fire up a trade and watch you balance swell in addition to your neighbours envious looks. If unhappy for any reason, simply ask for your money back or contact support. See you on the other side my friend. CIAO.



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